Quick Sort

The Quick Sort algorithm uses a Divide and Conquer strategy for sorting an array of items. Divide and Conquer is a technique that can be divided into the following three parts:

  1. Divide the problem into two or more sub-problems of the same or related type
  2. Conquer the sub-problems…

Part 1: The PostgreSQL, PostGIS and AWS Cloud back end

The idea of Microservices

Traditional monolithic web applications are hard to scale. As the code base ages and becomes more complex, adding new features or new technologies becomes increasingly difficult.

Within a microservices architecture, each application component runs as its own service and communicates…

How hackers can peer into insecure web connected databases

A Persistent Problem

SQL injection attacks are not new. They have been around since when websites first became connected to databases. Misbehaving hackers figured out that they could sometimes manipulate a website’s URL and access data that was not intended for them. Or, if…

Using Big O Analysis to write efficient code

What is Big O Analysis?

A programmer’s main task is to write code that executes series of actions designed to produce some desired output. As every new chunk of code is written, the programmer likely must evaluate different ways to solve a particular problem through code.


Community Building using React Native and Firebase noSQL


The inspiration for this experimental project came from discovering the Class Dojo app for web, iOS and Android. In short, the ClassDojo app helps teachers and parents build community in a classroom. By providing a fun and simple social network with many…

Will Carter

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